Pyjama Party

Color: Red/White
Season: Indoor
Plant Height: 20 inches

A showy new small-flowered variety. Broad bands of red overlay a background of white, forming shades of pink where they meet. The really interesting thing: The backs of the petals are also colorful, which is to be expected, but the pattern is different. While red dominates on the face of the flowers, white is more prominent on the back. Now, touting the reverse side of a flower that is normally appreciated from the front may seem a bit much ("Bev, you've got to come over and see the backs of my amaryllis flowers!"), but the pattern variation is interesting and dynamic and beautiful. See for yourself.

Amaryllis are not available for shipment until mid-October. Allow 12 weeks from potting to bloom. Most bulbs will not flower until after Christmas.

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