Allium Universe

Color: Violet
Sunlight: Full
Season: Very Late
Plant Height: 30 inches

If there is such a thing as name inflation, it is safe to say that among alliums, Globemaster started it. And now we have Universe. Its flower heads are even larger than those of Globemaster (8½ inches vs. 8 inches for Globemaster). On the other hand, Universe is more compact, standing about 6 inches shorter than Globemaster. Last point of comparison: the color. Universe is what might be called a silvery purple. Globemaster is lilac. Flowering time is similar.

So, now there are two really big, garden-dominating alliums to choose from. But why choose? Plant some of each and recoup the investment by selling tickets.
Deer Resistant

Note: Alliums are resistant to deer, but rodents such as voles and gophers may eat the bulbs.

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